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:bulletred:Because of recent incidents I now use a different internet name. My alias has been changed to Zero so I'd prefer it if you called me by that rather than my real name or the old alias.:bulletred:

=A Few Things About Myself=

- I love food. I'll eat almost anything.

- I'm a passionate water child. I learnt to swim before I could even walk. If there's a pool/beach or anything containing water within my sight I run straight for it.

- I love anything cold. Cold drinks, food, weather, showers, anything.

- I hate Summer. And hot things in general. The only reason why I tolerate Summer is because I can use it as an excuse to swim more.

- I have three favourite sports: Swimming, Swimming and Swimming. The other two are actually Basketball and Soccer

- I care about animals more than I do humans.

- I play the Guitar and I'm learning Violin and Piano

- I love Mackerel, Tuna, Salmon, Anchovies, etc.

- If I don't swim for a certain period of time I get extremely irritable and short-tempered.

:bulletblue: My Dearest Friend :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: My Other Awesome Friends :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: STAMPS :bulletblue:

- Dragon Age

-Death Note

Haruka Nanase - Ending Dance by NileyJoyrus14Nagisa Makoto Haruka y Kou by NileyJoyrus14RinHaru stamp by upuiHaruka Nanase ~ stamp by OtomeNishikiMakoHaru Stamp by ChibiChibiShaGlasses Nagisa stamp by upuiGlasses Makoto stamp by upuiRin has da water stamp by upuiMakoto is so done with you stamp by upuiFree! Stamp by SyvaenderKou - Must Not Look by NileyJoyrus14Haru Stamp by VeroChamaI can only see... by NileyJoyrus14Request: Free! - Rei Rygazaki Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Request: Free! - Haruka Nanase Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Request: Free! - Makoto Tachibana Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Request: Free! - Rin Matsuoka Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Request: Free! - Nagisa Hazuki Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996

I support Brewfest Stamp by The-Warcraft-LegionWorld of warcraft by Thrash-WaltzWoW: Alliance Stamp by RealmKnightWoW: Night Elf Stamp by RealmKnightWow: Death Knight stamp by RealmKnightWoW: Draenei Stamp by RealmKnightWoW: Blood Elf stamp by RealmKnightWoW: Worgen stamp by RealmKnightWoW: Dwarf Stamp by RealmKnight



Me when I wake up in the morning -->

Me sulking in the bath when I don't have enough money to go to the pool -->

Me when I'm hungry -->

Me without any caffiene -->

Me when someone constantly brags about the same damn thing every five minutes -->

When my cousin and I get into an argument -->

How I react when someone comes to me for emotional comfort -->
So I know it hasn't been that long since I got my new PC and came back to DA, but honestly? I think I need to take a break. A long one. I can't be sure just how long I'll be gone for, but I know I won't be returning anytime soon.

Now I'm usually not one to whine about problems, heck, I can't even stand it when other people complain most of the time. But I feel that just leaving without any sort of explanation is wrong, so I'll try to narrow down the reason.
First off, I'll start with how DA affects me. Now don't get me wrong, DA is a wonderful place filled with such amazing people and I think of it as a second home; or at least, I used to. When I first joined you couldn't pull me away from my screen, but now it just feels so...repetitive. DA feels more to me like a JOB than a home right now, and that's at my own fault.
Every time I come on I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders, I feel pressured to answer comments, to get my artwork out faster, to improve quicker, etc. You see all these amazing artists on DA how have significantly improved over a few short months, yet here I am 2 years into DA and I still require references for the majority of my work. I know that I'm improving, but I feel like it's not fast enough. Drawing for me is a hobby, something that I feel I can do whenever I wish without disappointing people who had higher expectations.
No one from DA caused me to feel this way, just thought I should put that out there. All these thoughts have been pushed down onto me at an early age from family, relative friends, etc. I've always been the child that "Could have done better" or "Would have gotten straight A's if I put more effort in". I'm street smart, not school smart. Adults have always had a "Straight A student" title above my head since I was young, and every time I didn't rise to their expectations they'd be disappointed, which left me stressed and feeling that I needed to "try" harder in order to be accepted. It's always been like that, and now that old way of thinking which I thought I'd moved past is coming back.

So I think that by staying on DA it'll only get worse. I will come back, there's no doubt in that. When though? I can't be sure. It could be a few months. It could be a year, maybe two. All I know is that if I stay and just ignore it, I'll revert to my old self. And that's not a good thing, that's not someone I want to be again.

Until I've sorted this out, I won't be returning to DA. For the person who's waiting on a request, don't worry. When I'm finished I'll be sure to upload it, same with the meme I'm working on with another person. But those are the only deviations that'll be going up during my absence.

After I post this journal I'll be on for 3 more days to try get back to as many comments as I can before I temporarily leave DA.
  • Reading: The Paladin Prophecy
  • Watching: Total Drama Island: Revenge of the Island
  • Playing: SOD

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